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The hair care industry demand for solution oriented products and services are at an all time high. In an age of hair abuse, damage and loss, beautiful, healthy hair is a myth for many. However in a time when relaxers were standard, stoves weren’t an option, and thinning was about age. Healthy Hair Care Expert, Robin D. Groover changed the game; a hair oracle. In 1998, the visionary began exploring styling alternatives for a time efficient services without compromising the hair’s health. Through research & development emerged a chemical-free step by step technique that questioned traditional methods sustainability in a quickly changing market. Before people were going green, natural silky, smooth hair was a specialty niche. A chemical expert transformed into a natural hair trailblazer. The innovative technology of ionic blow dryers and ceramic tools began a natural hair care movement and launched the future of healthy hair care.

In 1992, Too Groovy Hair Productions opened its doors in Savannah, Georgia. 10 years later, a partnership with an

Atlanta investment group helped with the launch of Too Groovy Inc.

Today, the RDG "Ceramic Fusion Styling Technique" is requested coast to coast.

Groove Therapy Healthy Hair Care Systems are professional products designed to simply Detox, Restore & Style. CEO, Robin D. Groover enjoys creating opportunities for others and growing new businesses. Becoming a Groove Therapy Certified Salon provides salons and stylists a blueprint to earn and learn advanced beauty and business skills for success.

Robin D. Groover Concept Salons, Too Groovy Hair Salon, the brand received national recognition as one of Atlanta’s

premier salons, Sutera Hair Spa "Voted as A Top 5 Salon in the AJC in its first year and Girls R Groovy Too a new concept for Girls and the Girl in U, Too! The salon stylists are educated and trained by Robin D. Groover and her team of experts.

For Robin D. Groover, whose fascination with beautiful hair dates back to childhood, turning her passion into a thriving business was a no brainer. A 1989 graduate of Savannah Technical College, Groover knew she wanted a career in the hair care business. "My gift to grow beautiful hair is all about love. I love hair. I asked for blow dryer hair at the age of 8," she says. "My mom asked, Robin, what is blow dryer hair’. My answer was the kind that moves and bounces." Well for a bushy, wooly haired little girl the era said impossible, however my imagination said absolutely! "I am on purpose living my dream," she adds.

Over the course of more than twenty years, as service provider and over 10 years of experience in global education and product performance consultancy, Robin D. Groover consistently provided quality services while maintaining a proven track record to secure and retain a loyal and consistent clientele.

"Our unmatched talent speaks for itself. Consumers and professionals that experience our innovative hair techniques, exclusive salons and deluxe beauty care products, love us they rave about the positive changes in their beauty inside out," says Groover. "We are the healthy hair authority because we provide expert advice & results, " Groover explains.

While the scope of Groover’s duties may seem daunting, her relentless ability to be successful, and possessing the fortitude to build the Groover Brand, coupled with her leadership skills is what help to propel the company into national prominence.

"So many women and girls now have an authentic image of their natural beauty and hair, to see women cry, scream and strut all because I followed my heart when no one believed beautiful flawless real hair was possible, " Groover asserts exuberantly, when asked about her personal accomplishments.

Embracing Your Hair’s Natural Beauty